another pillow cover

I remade this pillow case because I found enough pictures to know I made a mistake last tame. So I removed a portion of fabric and left only classic criss-cross pattern.

Parzival, Hagenau, 1443 - 1446, Cod. Pal. germ. 339 fol.147r
(Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg)

Tod Mariens, 1495, Reichenbach, Deutschland

Hl. Urlich, 1480 90, Kaufbeuren, Schwabien
(IMAREAL'S Image Server)

Wurzach Altar-death of Mary, Hans Multscher, 1437, Berlin Staatlische Museum
(Web Gallery of Art)


Linen pillow covers

Pillow covers are made from hand woven, vintage linen fabric.

This is the earliest example of this kind od striped pattern I found. The illustration is from Toggenburg Bibel dated about 1411 (source: Bildindex).