My baroque earrings

I spend a lot of time looking for iconography of baroque earrings. When I ordered my earrings (it was 6 months ago) I had only one historical example of design which I want to have. I spend loooong hours discussing with my friend Kaya about types of pearls, gems, sets, fittings used in early 17th century. Thanks God we have beautiful set of jewellery found in Cheapside Hoard, London dated 1590-1620. There is an example of earrings and we also found another example from private collection (now in National Historic Museum in Moscov) and we started to design a new version of my jewelly.

A pair of earring from The National Historic Museum in Moscow

A sourse for my earrings fittings (

Kaya made for me a pair of hanging earrings with a pearl and amethyst. They are similar in shape with the earrings of Margheritha Gonzaga, Princess of Mantua from a portrait painted by Pourbus (you can see it here).

Of course I'm not a princess so I can only dream about a teardrop pearls.