medieval bread?

I bought this bread in Turkish shop. It's amazing, but the shape of this bread is still the same as in medieval times. This is white, wheat flour bread with yeast added (as a starter). I found very interesting recipe here:
After comparing (I'm not sure) I suppose that recipe is almost unchanged :)


Leather purse from Vienna

Unfortunately, the original I know only from black and white foto with not so detailed records.
Thanks to Isis and Machteld I knew how to fix small coin purse to body. I used chain seam described in theirs blog as a "lussenvlechten" or “embroidered braids”. All leather laces are still unfinished- I must buy swiss glass beads and sewn them in grape-like form at the end of each lace.


Classic linen pillow cover

It's not so bad-I finished linen pillow cover. It's laced only one side.
I weaved linen ribbon lace using tablet weaving technique, made holes using the awl ( I left them unfinished) and pull lace through textile.
This pillow is quite simply but finishing works took me a while. Now time is the precious thing for me. My little son is unbelievably absorbing person :)

Works still in progress...

First unfinished thing is embroidered cushion cover.
Second is reconstruction of small 15th century purse from Germany with silk decorating seam and strings finished with glass (?) beads.