Tubular tablet-woven braids

At last I try to make some tubular woven braids using technique described in "Textiles and clothing 1150-1450" on page 135. My braids was worked on 3 four-hole tablets, threaded all in a S-way and turned one turn forwards after each passage of the weft. The weft was passed always through the same side.
First time I used one colour threads ( red, madder dyed), second time I combined indigo blue and reseda yellow silk threads.


a pair of silk garters

The garters are 60 cm long and 1.6 cm wide. I made them using silk thread, madder dyeing. Weaving technique simulated striped damask.
They need just two nice buckles :)


tiny clothes

During a last two weeks I researched iconography looking for late medieval children clothes, especially linen tunics or shirts. I decided to reconstruct two types of them - simple, classic shape tunic and shirt with open front and short sleeves.



A month ago I ordered natural dyed silk threads and they arrived last week. Colours are amazing-yellow, orange and green silk are unbelieveble bright!