Supportasse is ready

the topside of the supporter

the underside

Finished pickadil is 40 cm wide and 26 cm height. It consists of two layers-top is stiffened by reeds and two layers of paper covered with blue linen. Rows of tiny stitches holds all together. Bottom layer of pickadil is stiffened by 3 layers of paper stitched to linen, with iron wire caught into the seam around the outer edge. Both layers of the supporter are stitched together. At the center back there are a pair of eyelet holes to tie it to the collar of my dress.


Supportasse project

My new early 17th century dress desperatly needs supportasse/rebato/pickadil (collar supporter) for a proper look. It will be a second pickadil-I've one as a collar of my dress but it's not enough for me. I start with an example from V and A Museum which was made of linen, paper, iron wire and whalebones (T.62-1910), good described in "Pattern of Fashion 4" by Janet Arnold.