We found wooden casket in traditonal shape. It's need a work and patience; I must remove a layer of old varnish, find new hinges and think about some kind of lock...


Silk buttons

Slowly I started to prepare passementerie (buttons and ribbon) for my new early 17th century outfit. I need 8-10 silk buttons to fit cuffs in very fashionable but close-fitting sleeves characteristic for gowns and women wams/jacket dated 1610-1625.
I used very simple and popular method of wrapping the silk thread over wooden core to create the button. This method is described in details in The Tudor Tailor book and also mentioned in Patterns of Fashion v.3 by Janet Arnold.


My new plates

A few months ago I saw very decorative serving (?) plate found somewhere in Holand, (now in Amsterdam museum collection). During the last The Company of Saynt George event in the Castle Haut-Koenigsbourg in Alsace/France I bought two marvellous reconstructions of this plate made by Jimmy the potter from Trinity Court Potteries