medieval bread?

I bought this bread in Turkish shop. It's amazing, but the shape of this bread is still the same as in medieval times. This is white, wheat flour bread with yeast added (as a starter). I found very interesting recipe here:
After comparing (I'm not sure) I suppose that recipe is almost unchanged :)

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Isis pisze...

where is the fresco from?

it's lovely they look so similar!!


EwKa pisze...

Gastmahl der Hl. Elisabeth auf der Wartburg

Slowakei, Bardejov, St. Aegidius Church, 1480-1500

Adam Pękalski pisze...

They call it here "halk ekmek" which means "folk bread". It's the most popular kind of bread in Turkey, except for the Ramazan time, when they eat mostly flat, round-shaped loafs called "pide" (also very stylish).