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frittata with spring onion, pepper and chilli

Frittata is a simple dish, easy to make and that's the reason why I LOVE it so much. You need 4 or even less ingredients, a fork, a large bowl and a non-stick frying pan. And only 5 minutes... Perfect!
Next time I make my beloved herb frittata (orginaly called frictata) from "Libro de arte coquinaria" because today I haven't got any good quality fresh herbs in my fridge. I think that it will be a little problem to find a borage (Borago officinalis) which was mentioned in orginal recipe but a chard, sage, parsley, mint and majoram I can buy without any problem in local shop.

Herb frictata recipe

Beat the eggs well together with a little water and milk to make the frittata softer; likewise, add some good cheese that has been grated and cook the frittata in good butter to make it more fatty. Not that, for it to be good, it should not be stirred or overly cooked. If you wish to make it green, take the things mentioned above and add the water from the following herbs: chard, a generous amount of parsley, borage, mint, marjoram, and a lesser amount of sage, passing through a stamine to obtaine their water; then remove the herbs that will have been crushed in the stamine.
 Another way to make a frittata with herbs is to take the above herbs, finely chop, and fry in good butter or oil, and then by mixing them together with the eggs and the other ingredients mentioned above, you make the frittata which should be carefully cooked when well seasoned, but not overcooked.

Libro de arte coquinaria by Maestro Martino de Como
(Book on the Art of Cookery, about 1464-65)

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standgale pisze...

Here, you can't buy borage just as something to eat, but it has become quite popular as an organic herb, sold as seeds or plants to grow. In my experience it grows very very easily, but of course all climates are different. I have poor soil though and it still grew well. So perhaps you might like to grow some? It has pretty star shaped blue and purple flowers that you can add to salads. You have to eat the leaves when they are young as they get kind of spiky hairs on them later. If you like growing things, I think it is worth growing as it is pretty :)

lo pisze...

Fritata ma tyle zalet. Prosta, pyszna i zawsze ma się na nią ochotę.