Tarte of chese

My diner today was inspired by recipes from "A Propre new booke of Cokery", England, 1545

To make a Tarte of Chese
Take harde chese and cut it in slyces / and pare it / than laye it in fayre water or in swete milke the space of thre houres / than take it vp and breake it in a morter tyll it be small / than draw it vp thorow a strainer with the yelkes of vi egges and ceason it vp with suger and swete butter / and so bake it.

Last friday we bought delicious local made styrian hard cheese from sweet milk with black pepper so I used it instead of tudor "harde chese". I soaked cheese in milk and this method really works! After 2 hours cheese became much softer and it was easier to mix together with yolks and butter.

The pastry dough for this tart I prepared using the recipe from the same book:

To make shorte paest for tart.
Take fine floure and a curtesy of faire water and a disshe of swete butter and a litle saffron and the yolkes of two egges and make it thin and tender as ye maie.

(Both recipes from Gode Cookery web page).

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